Welcome to the Gina Cody School of Engineering & Computer Science (GCS)! Congratulations on making the first step towards being part of the next generation of bright Engineers and Computer Scientists from this great school.

The Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate Student's Association (ECA) would like to extend a warm welcome and invite you to be a part of our 2019 Orientation / Frosh.

Frosh stands for “Freshman Orientation”. It is a week full of activities and events hosted by the Undergraduate Engineering and Computer Science Association for new students, in order to ease their transition into University Life. This week will most probably be the most memorable week of the upcoming year, don’t miss out!

The ECA is proud to present Froshvivor! Our organizers have spent the last couple of months working on this great week of events. We did our part, it's time for you to have the time of your lives! Stay tuned on our Facebook Page for more details! If you have any questions, send an email to frosh@ecaconcordia.ca.


Engineering and Computer Science Frosh Sponsors

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The 2019 Concordia Engineering and Computer Science Frosh will take place from Thursday, August 29th to Saturday, September 7th, 2019

The full schedule of events will be available soon!

Right-click (or tap and hold if you are on mobile) to save the Concordia Engineering and Computer Science frosh schedule to your phone!

Concordia Engineering and Computer Science 2017 Frosh of Empires Schedule

Frosh Events

More coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets will be on sale soon! If you are a freshman (aka new student), you will receive an exclusive invitation via email to purchase your frosh tickets at a discounted rate! Make sure to add info@ecaconcordia.ca & frosh@ecaconcordia.ca to your safe-senders list.

What is Frosh?

Frosh is a week of engaging activities that take place towards the end of August and the first week of September. Frosh week activities include social gatherings that allow students to mingle, parties around the beautiful city of Montreal and fun challenges to put those young engineering minds to the test. Trust us, this is a week that you do not want to miss!

Why is it important to attend Frosh?

By participating in Frosh, students will have the ability to discover the campus, the city and all the necessary whereabouts for any foreign or local Engineering student to survive. Starting with a BBQ in the heart of Concordia, Loyola Campus and journeying on a week of endless mingling, fun and friendship, there is no better way to start your academic career than Frosh.

How do I register?

To register for frosh, simply purchase your frosh bundle ticket and attend the manadatory orientation day activities!

Where do I pick up my event/bundle bracelets?

The event bracelets can be picked up on Orientation Day! Look for the ECA booth on the quad after attending the orientation presentation.

Where do I pick up frosh swag?

The Frosh Swag can be picked up the first day at the Orientation BBQ after attending the orientation presentation.

Do I need ID at Frosh?

A Concordia University ID is not necessary however, a government ID is required for events that are 18+. Please read all disclaimers when purchasing your tickets.

Will food be provided at Frosh?

Food is provided for some of the events. It is important to read carefully all the event descriptions so you can plan ahead.

Do I need to drink at Frosh?

It is by no means necessary to drink at Frosh! The events are fun regardless of alcohol consumption.

If I drink, how can I be sure that I will be safe?

While it is mandatory to drink responsibly, it is important to stress that the Frosh Leaders, Coordinators and Organizers go through a harm reduction training! This enhances their skills when it comes to dealing with unfavourable situations that may arise due to excessive alcohol consumption.

I have mobility/accessibility limitations? How will that affect my frosh?

Both of Concordia’s Loyola and SGW campus are known to be extremely accessible to students with limitations which is why access and mobility should not be a problem. Both campuses are equipped with ramps and fully functioning elevators. Should you have any access concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!

I have a question that is not in the FAQs?

Please send any questions that you might have regarding Frosh to frosh@ecaconcordia.ca. They will be in answered in the briefest delay.

Can I bring non-ENCS friends to frosh?

While frosh is mainly designed to help new Engineering and Computer Science students make friends within their programs, as well as get acquainted with their new school; non-ENCS students are welcome to attend most, but not all, events.

The following events are reserved for ENCS froshees & frosh leaders only: Orientation Day, Scavenger Hunt/Engineering Challenge and the Wine & Cheese event.

Will individual event tickets be available?

Individual event tickets may be sold for certain events, subject to availability. These tickets will only go on sale in the weeks leading up to frosh. However, we do recommend that you purchase your bundle ticket instead of just individual tickets, as it is the most cost-effective way to attend frosh! It also gives access to the exclusive Frosh Gala networking cocktail!

Announcements will be made on Facebook when the sale of individual tickets starts.

I am a Graduate Student, can I attend ECA's Frosh?

The ECA exists to represent the Gina Cody School's Undergraduate students, and our frosh is designed for them. If you are a Graduate student, we recommend you reach out to your student association, the Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Student Association (ECSGA).

That being said, graduate students are welcome to attend our events open to the general public, such as DUSTED!

I'm studying in a certificate program, can I attend ECA's Frosh?

If you are studying in an undergraduate certificate program, you are eligible to attend the ECA's orientation/frosh!

I only want to attend the free events, how does that work?

While attending only the free events is strongly not recommended, as our events are designed to help you get to know your school & future classmates, it is possible.

If you only wish to attend the free events, you MUST attend Orientation Day and register in order to get assigned to a team. This is the only step required to attend free events.